21 Years Manufacturing Experience

Powder Mixer

As a leader of powder mixer manufacturer, TOPSGROUP has over 20 years manufacturing experience since 1998. The powder mixer is widely used in many industries like food, chemical, medicine, agriculture and animal industry as well. The powder mixer can work independently or link with other machine to consist a continous production line.

TOPSGROUP manufactures different types of powder mixers. No matter you want smaller capacity or bigger capacity model, mixing powders only or mixing powder with other small granules together, or spray liquid into powders, you can always find solutions here. The advanced technology and the unique technical patent make TOPSGROUP mixer is famous in the market.
  • Paddle Mixer

    Paddle Mixer

    The single shaft paddle mixer is suitable use for powder and powder, granule and granule or add a little liquid to mixing, it is widely applied in nuts, beans, fee or other kinds of granule material, inside of the machine have different angle of blade thrown up the material thus cross mixing.

  • Double shaft paddle mixer

    Double shaft paddle mixer

    Double shaft paddle mixer is provided with two shafts with counter-rotating blades, which produce two intense upward flows of product, generating a zone of weightlessness with an intense mixing effect.

  • Double Ribbon Mixer

    Double Ribbon Mixer

    This is a horizontal powder mixer, designed to mix all kinds of dry powder. It consists of one U-shaped horizontal mixing tank and two groups of mixing ribbon: outer ribbon displaces the powder from the ends to the center and inner ribbon move the powder from the center to the ends. This counter-current action results in homogeneous mixing. The cover of the tank can be made as open in order to clean and change parts easily.