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  • liquid mixer machine & liquid blender machine

    liquid mixer machine & liquid blender machine

    Liquid mixer is designed to deal low-speed stirring ,high disperse ,dissolving and mixing for various of viscosity liquid and solid products.Raising and falling adopts pneumatic. The equipment is suitable for emulsification of the pharmaceutical. Cosmetic, fine chemical products, especially the material having high matrix viscosity and solid content.Structure: including tank body ,agitator, transmission device and shaft sealing device.The machine is divided into open type and sealed type.

  • Liquid Mixer

    Liquid Mixer

    Introduction  The liquid mixer is for low-speed stirring, high dispersion, dissolving, and blending the different viscosities of liquid and solid products. The machine is appropriate for pharmaceutical emulsification. Cosmetic and fine chemical products, particularly those with a high matrix viscosity and solid content. Structure: consists of the main emulsifying pot, a water pot, an oil pot, and a work-frame. Working principle The motor acts as a drive component to propel the triangle wheel ...
  • V Blender

    V Blender

    This newly and unique design of mixing blender that comes up with a glass door is called V Blender, it can mixed evenly and use widely for dry powder and granular materials. V blender is simple, reliable and easy to clean and a good choice for those industries in the fields of chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. It can produce a solid-solid mixture. It consists of a work-chamber connected by two cylinders forming a “V ” shape.

  • Ribbon mixing machine

    Ribbon mixing machine

    Ribbon mixing machine is a form of horizontal U-shaped design and it is effective for mixing powders, powder with liquid and powder with granule and even the smallest quantity of ingredient can be blended efficiently with large volumes. Ribbon mixing machine is also useful for construction line, agricultural chemicals, food, polymers, pharmaceuticals and etc. Ribbon mixing machine offers versatile and highly scalable mixing for efficient process and result.

  • Automatic Labeling Machine For round bottles

    Automatic Labeling Machine For round bottles

    Bottle labeling machine is economical, independent and easy to operate. automatic bottle labeling machine is equipped with automatic teaching and programming touch screen. The built-in microchip stores different job Settings, and the conversion is quick and convenient.

  • Powder Auger Filler

    Powder Auger Filler

    Shanghai Tops-group is a auger filler packing machine manufacturer. We have good production capacity as well advanced technology of auger powder filler. We have servo auger filler appearance patent. 

  • Automatic Vertical Packing Machine

    Automatic Vertical Packing Machine

    Fully automatic pouch packing machine can do bag forming, filling and sealing automatically. Automatic pouch packing machine can work with auger filler for powder material, such as, washing powder, milk powder etc.

  • Paddle Mixer

    Paddle Mixer

    The single shaft paddle mixer is suitable use for powder and powder, granule and granule or add a little liquid to mixing, it is widely applied in nuts, beans, fee or other kinds of granule material, inside of the machine have different angle of blade thrown up the material thus cross mixing.

  • Powder Packaging Line

    Powder Packaging Line

    In the past decade, we have designed hundreds of mixed packaging solutions for our customers, providing efficient working mode for customers in different regions.

  • Auto liquid filling & capping machine

    Auto liquid filling & capping machine

    This automatic rotary filling capping machine is designed to filling E-liquid, cream and sauce products into bottles or jars, such as edible oil, shampoo, liquid detergent, tomato sauce and so on. It is widely used for filling bottles and jars of different volumes, shapes and materials.

  • Double shaft paddle mixer

    Double shaft paddle mixer

    Double shaft paddle mixer is provided with two shafts with counter-rotating blades, which produce two intense upward flows of product, generating a zone of weightlessness with an intense mixing effect.

  • Rotary type pouch packing machine

    Rotary type pouch packing machine

    Easy to operate, adopt advanced PLC from Germany Siemens,  mate with touch screen and electric control system, the man-machine interface is friendly.

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