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How does horizontal mixer work with other equipment?

A horizontal mixer can work with other equipment, and those are:

Feeding machine like screw feeder and vacuum feeder

Picture 1

The horizontal mixer machine is connected with the screw feeder to transfer powder and granule material from the horizontal mixer to the screw feeder. It can be connected as well from one machine to another. It’s fast and easy to use.

Picture 2

The vacuum feeder achieves high vacuum through the vacuum generator using compressed air to deliver materials. There is no mechanical vacuum pump. It has a simple structure, is small in size, maintenance-free, low noise, easy to control, eliminates material static, and is by GMP requirements.

After mixing, the materials should be discharged inside the horizontal mixer using a screw feeder, sieve, and hopper.

Picture 3

-The materials are discharged through the screw feeder’s residue discharge port. It has a door at the bottom of the tube that allows you to clean the residue without having to remove it.

- The sieve is used to keep particles out of the system.

- The vibratory appearance of the hopper allows the material to flow easily down.

The Auger filler can connect with the screw feeder and horizontal mixer:

Picture 4

The auger filler can connect to the screw feeder and horizontal mixer. The purpose is to transport powder and granule materials from the horizontal mixer to the screw feeder, then go to the auger filler. It is less of a hassle, takes less time, and is more productive. It can create a production line.

Packing system

Picture 5Picture 6

This production line is built around a horizontal mixer and includes a screw feeder, and an auger filling machine, resulting in an efficient and simple-to-operate production line. In this case, you can use it to fill pouches and bottles.

Post time: Mar-21-2022