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Liquid Blender Options

There are many options for liquid blenders and those are:

Standard Configuration

Picture 6
No. Item
1 motor
2 outer body
3 impeller base
4 various shape blades
5 mechanical seal

Liquid Blender with Platform

Picture 1

A platform can also be added to the liquid blender. The control cabinet is set up on the platform. Heating, mixing speed control, and heating duration are all handled by a fully integrated operation system that serves as a framework for efficient operation.

Liquid Blender with Various Blades

Picture 2

There are different shapes of blades you can use and numerous blades as you like.

Liquid Blender with Pressure Gauge

Picture 4

For thick materials, a liquid blender with a pressure gauge is recommended.

Single Jacket and Double Jacket

Picture 5

Depending on the requirements of the production process, the materials are heated or cooled by heating in the jacket. Set a temperature, and the heating device will automatically turn off when the temperature reaches the desired level.

Post time: May-09-2022