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How to maintain the ribbon blender to make it last is a frequently asked question after purchasing the machine.

So, for today’s blog, I’ll discuss how to maintain your ribbon blender. Let’s find out right now! Please keep reading.

  1. Reducer
    - After running for 200–300 hours, change the oil for the first time. In general, for a reducer that operates continuously for an extended period, the lubricating oil should be changed every 5000 hours or once a year.
    - When the ambient temperature ranges from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius, the lubricating oil used is BP Energol GR-XP220.
    - The amount of oil injected
Mixer (L) Oil injection volume (L)
100L 1.08L
200L 1.10L
300L 2.10L
500L 3.70L
1000L 7L
1500L 10L
2000L 52L
3000L 52L

- Lubricant recommended (100L): TELIUM VSF MELIANA OIL 320/680 or MOBILGEAR 320/680 GLYGOYLE
- The right figure depicts the location of the oil filling nozzle.

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B. Housing for bearings

- You can use regular lithium-based grease or high-temperature grease.

- You can also include butter.

- The oil should be changed once every six months.

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