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Paddle Blender Customization

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Paddle Blender Customization1

You can customize the paddle blender to your preferences. Shanghai Tops Group machines are available in a variety of configurations to meet your specific requirements. Let us learn more!

1. Paddle blender tank covers can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Paddle Blender Customization2

2. Discharge port

Paddle Blender Customization3

The paddle blender discharge valve can be operated either manually or pneumatically. Optional valves include a cylinder valve, a butterfly valve, and more.

Paddle Blender Customization4

3. Cooling and heating functions on both jackets
This paddle blender can also be designed with cold and hot functions. Add a layer to the tank, place the medium in the middle layer, and cool or heat the mixed material. Water is usually used to cool it, and hot steam or electricity is used to heat it.
4. A weighing system is to support the performance of an operation.
5. Spraying system
The following mixer is made up of a pump, a nozzle, and a hopper. Liquid and powdery materials can be mixed in small amounts.
6. A dust collector is a device that collects dust.

Paddle Blender Customization5

7. Attach a frequency converter to adjust the speed.

Paddle Blender Customization6

8. Different loading systems are available: manual with a platform and ladders and automatic with a screw conveyor.

Post time: Dec-26-2022