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These knowledge points of packaging machine are very important

These knowledge points of packaging machine are very important1

Speaking of packaging machines, I believe many people have a certain understanding of it, so let’s summarize some important knowledge points about packaging machines.

The working principle of the packaging machine
The packaging machine is divided into many types according to different types and uses, but the basic principles are all the same. They all use packaging materials and are guided by the conveyor belt. The process of inflating, sealing, etc. protects it from moisture, deterioration or easy transportation.

Common problems of packaging machines and solutions
In daily use, packaging machines often have many problems such as material breakage, uneven packaging film, poor sealing of packaging bags, and inaccurate color label positioning. The operator’s limited technical ability often causes the packaging machine to fail to work normally. What causes the packaging machine to fail to work normally, let us take a look at the common failures of the packaging machine and how to solve it? The packaging material is broken. Reasons:
1. The packaging material has joints and burrs with excessive breakage.
2. The paper feed motor circuit is faulty or the circuit is in poor contact.
3. The paper feed proximity switch is damaged.

1. Remove the unqualified paper section.
2. Overhaul the paper feeding motor circuit.
3. Replace the paper feed proximity switch. 2. The bag is not tightly sealed.

1. The inner layer of the packaging material is uneven.
2. Uneven sealing pressure.
3. The sealing temperature is low.

1. Remove unqualified packaging materials.
2. Adjust the sealing pressure.
3. Increase the heat sealing temperature.

The above is about the working principle of the packaging machine and the reasons for the two failures and the troubleshooting methods. If you want to know more, please pay attention to the news section of Shanghai Tops Group. Learn more in the next issue.

Post time: Mar-09-2021