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What is Single Head Rotary Auger Filler

Descriptive abstract:

This series could do work of measuring , can holding ,  filling , weight chosen. It can constitute the whole set can filling work line with other related machines, and suitable for filling kohl, glitter powder, pepper, cayenne pepper, milk powder, rice flour, albumen powder , soy milk powder, coffee powder, medicine powder, essence and spice , etc.

Machine usage:

--This machine is suitable for many kinds of powder such as:

--Milk powder ,flour ,rice powder ,protein powder ,Seasoning powder, chemical powder, medicine powder,coffee powder, soy flour Etc.


  1. Easily to wash. Stainless steel structure, hopper can open.
  2. Stable and reliable performance. Servo- motor drives auger, Servo- motor controlled turntable with stable performance.
  3. Easy To Use Easily. PLC, touch screen and weighing module control.
  4. With pneumatic can lifting device to assure the material not spilling out when filling
  5. On-line weighing device
  6. Weight-chosen device , to assure each product be qualified, and get rid of the unqualified filled cans
  7. With adjustable height-adjustment hand wheel at reasonable height, easy to adjust the head position.
  8. Save 10 sets of formula inside the machine for later use
  9. Replacing the auger parts, different products ranging from fine powder to granule and different weight can be packed
  10. Have one stir on the hopper, assure the powder fill in the auger.
  11. Chinese/English or custom your local language in the touch screen.
  12. Reasonable mechanical structure, easy to change size parts and clean up.
  13. Through changing accessories, the machine is suitable for various powder products.
  14. We use famous brand Siemens PLC, Schneider electric, more steady.

Filling Products Samples:


Baby Milk Powder Tank   


   Cosmetic Powder 


Coffee Powder Tank     


 Spice Tank

Post time: Sep-14-2022