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What Product Can Automatic Bottle Capping Machine Handle?

Different application industries for automatic bottle capping machine

Automatic bottle capping machines screw caps on bottles automatically. It is designed primarily for use on a packaging line. Unlike the usual intermittent capping machine, these works continuously. This machine is more efficient than intermittent capping because it presses the lids more tightly and reduces damage to the cap.


The bottle capping machine is applied to bottles with screw caps of various sizes, shapes, and materials.

Machine Handle1
Machine Handle2


Machine Handle3

Capping machine and cap feeder are included.

1. Cap feeder
2. Cap placing
3. Bottle separator
4. Capping wheels
5. Bottle clamping belt
6. Bottle conveying belt

Working Process

Machine Handle4

Application Industries

The automatic bottle capping machine is for many industries, including powder, liquid, granule packing lines, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and chemistry.  The automatic capping machines are applicable anytime screw caps are operated.

It can be used to create a packing line.

The bottle capping machine can form a packing line with the filling and labeling machines.

Machine Handle5

Bottle unscrambler + auger filler + automatic capping machine + foil sealing machine.

Machine Handle6

Bottle unscrambler + auger filler + automatic capping machine +foil sealing machine + labeling machine

The bottle capping machine is incredibly efficient and productive for numerous applications. I hope this helps you choose the perfect option for your materials.

Post time: May-06-2022