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What Product Can Ribbon Mixer Handle?

Ribbon mixers can be handled by different products:

What is a ribbon mixer?

The ribbon mixer is applicable for food, pharmaceuticals, construction line, agricultural chemicals, etc. The ribbon mixer is effective for mixing powders, powder with liquid, powder with granules, and even the smallest quantity of ingredients. It is the form of a horizontal U-shaped with a rotating agitator. The agitator has two helical ribbons that let convective motion flow in two directions, resulting in powder and bulk solids mixing.

The Working Principles of Ribbon Mixer

What Product Can Ribbon Mixer Handle1

The inner ribbon moves the materials from the center to the outside. The outer ribbon moves the materials from two sides to the center and is combined with a rotating direction when moving the materials. It gives a short time to mix while providing an excellent mixing result.

Application Industry

The ribbon mixers are used in different industries such as:

What Product Can Ribbon Mixer Handle3

Food industry- food products, food ingredients, food additives, food processing AIDS in various fields, and the pharmaceutical intermediate, brewing, biological enzymes, food packaging materials are also mostly used.

Pharmaceutical Industry- mixing prior to powders and granules.

Agricultural industry- Pesticide, fertilizer, feed and veterinary medicine, advanced pet food, new plant protection production, cultivated soil, microbial utilization, biological compost, and desert greening.

Chemical industry- Epoxy resin, polymer materials, fluorine materials, silicon materials, nanomaterial, and other rubber and plastic chemical industry; Silicon compounds and silicates and other inorganic chemicals and various chemicals.

Battery industry- Battery material, lithium battery anode material, lithium battery cathode material, and carbon material raw material production.

Comprehensive industry- Car brake material, plant fiber environmental protection products, edible tableware, etc.

Cosmetic industry- Used to mix eyeshadow powders, paste creams, and a range of other cosmetics. Cosmetic materials do not stick to the mirror-polished surface of the tank.

The ribbon mixer machine is very effective and efficient for different products. I hope it will help you find the best solution for your materials. 

Post time: Apr-24-2022