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Safety of mechanical equipment such as mixers

Let’s talk about the safety of mixers and other mechanical equipment. As the leader of the Shanghai mixer industry, the editor of Shanghai Tops Group Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. let me talk to you.

For a long time, people believe that the safety of mechanical equipment depends on its reliability. Therefore, the more preventive work is done, the shorter the repair period, and the more reliable the mechanical equipment. This is what some mechanical maintenance companies such as mixers and dispersion machines have used for many years to regularly Preventive maintenance methods focusing on maintenance. That is, regardless of the technical status and use environment of each specific maintenance object, mandatory maintenance (such as the first, second, and third level maintenance of the current regulations) and targeted maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the uniformly prescribed time or mileage. This method of regular maintenance is more suitable for the maintenance of early mechanical equipment and parts, and has played an important role in the maintenance of my country’s mechanical equipment.

The early regular maintenance system increased maintenance workload, maintenance costs and downtime. As a result, many ineffective maintenance was done, but random and early failures could not be eliminated in time. The statistical analysis of the failure data shows that regular maintenance is not effective in controlling many failures, and the decomposition inspections performed cannot provide the true situation of when the parts that are still usable may fail. Too much disassembly and repair are easy Produce man-made faults, increase maintenance consumption, and reduce maintenance efficiency.

Theory proves that for complex mechanical equipment, the failures are mainly random, and regular maintenance cannot eliminate random failures. Therefore, in the early 1960s, people began to doubt the traditional maintenance methods. During this period, some places began to explore through experimental work such as the application of reliability outlines, targeted maintenance, on-demand inspection and replacement, and initially generated reliability-centric maintenance methods on the basis of statistics.

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Post time: Mar-09-2021