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Automatic Capping Machine

  • TP-TGXG-200 Automatic Capping Machine

    TP-TGXG-200 Automatic Capping Machine

    Description TP-TGXG-200 Bottle Capping Machine is an automatic capping machine to press and screw lids on bottles. It’s special designed for automatic packing line. Different to traditional intermittent type capping machine, this machine is a continuous capping type. Compared to intermittent capping, this machine is more efficient, pressing more tightly, and do less harm to the lids. Now it’s widely applied in food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries. It consists of two parts: capping p...
  • Automatic Capping Machine

    Automatic Capping Machine

    TP-TGXG-200 Automatic Bottle Capping Machine is used to screw caps on bottles automatically. It is widely applied in food, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries and so on. There is no limit on shape, material, size of normal bottles and screw caps. The continuous capping type makes TP-TGXG-200 adapt to various packing line speed.