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Glass Bottle Capping Machine

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The glass bottle capping machine is used to cap bottles automatically. This is designed specifically for use on a packaging line that is automated. This is a continuous capping machine, not an intermittent one. This machine is more efficient than intermittent capping because it presses the lids down more firmly and causes less damage to the lids. It is commonly applied in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

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How to apply?

The glass bottle capping machine can be used on bottles with screw caps of various sizes, shapes, and materials. 

● Bottle sizes

It is suitable for bottles of 20-120mm in diameter and 60-180mm in height. Outside of this range, it can be changed to fit any bottle size.

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● Bottle shape

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The bottle capping machine could be used to cap a variety of shapes, including round, square, and complex designs.

●  Bottle and cap material

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The bottle capping machine can handle any type of glass, plastic, or metal.

● Screw cap type

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The bottle capping machine can screw on any type of screw cap, such as a pump, spray, or drop cap.

●  Industry

The bottle capping machine can be used in a number of industries, including powder, liquid, and granule packing lines, as well as food, medicine, chemical, and other fields. 

Working Process

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● Characteristics

-Used for different shapes and materials of bottles and caps.

- Easy to operate with a PLC and a touch screen.

- With a high and adjustable speed, it's suitable for all types of packing lines.

- The one-button start function is quite essential.

- A high-level design and appearance, as well as a good ratio in terms of machine appearance.

- The machine's body is made of SUS 304 and adheres to GMP guidelines.

- All parts that come into touch with the bottle and lids are made of food-safe materials.

- Bottles that have been wrongly capped are detected and removed using an optronic sensor (Option).

- Using a graded lifting technique, automatically feed in lids.

- The lid-pressing belt is inclined, allowing the lid to be adjusted into the right position before pressing.


TP-TGXG-200 Bottle Capping Machine

Capacity 50-120 bottles/min Dimension 2100*900*1800mm
Bottles diameter Φ22-120mm ( customized according to requirement ) Bottles height 60-280mm (customized according to requirement )
Lid size Φ15-120mm Net Weight 350kg
Qualified rate ≥99% Power 1300W
Matrial Stainless steel 304 Voltage 220V/50-60Hz(or customized)

Standard configuration










Touch Screen




Optronic Sensor








Interface Chip




Pressing Belt




Series Motor




SS 304 Frame



Detailed Photos

Picture 25

The blower blows caps into the cap track after the conveyor has brought caps to the top.

Picture 27

The cap feeder's automatic running and stopping is controlled by a cap lack detecting device. Two sensors are located on opposite sides of the cap track, one to determine if the track is full of caps and the other to determine if the track is empty.

Picture 29

Inverted lids are easily detected by the error lids sensor. Error caps remover and bottle sensor work together to achieve a satisfactory capping effect.

Picture 31

By changing the moving speed of bottles at its position, the bottle separator will separate them from one another. In most cases, one separator is required for round bottles, and two separators are required for square bottles.


Picture 33

The bottle conveyor and cap feeder have a maximum speed of 100 bpm, allowing the machine to run at a high speed to accommodate varied packaging lines.

Picture 35

Three pairs of wheel twist caps off rapidly; the first pair can be reversed to swiftly place caps in the correct position.


Picture 37

Adjust the height of the entire capping system with just one button.

Picture 39

Adjust the width of the bottle capping track with the wheels.

Picture 41

Cap feeder, bottle conveyor, capping wheels, and bottle separator can all be switched to open, close, or change speed.

Picture 42

Flip the switch to change the speed of each set of capping wheels.

Easy to operate

The use of a PLC and a touch screen control system with a simple operating program makes work easier and more efficient.

Picture 45
Picture 46

The emergency stop button allows the machine to be stopped immediately in an emergency, keeping the operator safe.

Picture 47

Design & Structure

Picture 48
Picture 49

Packing line 

To build a packing line, the bottle capping machine can be combined with a filling and labeling equipment.

Shipment & packaging

Picture 7

A.Bottle unscrambler+auger filler+automatic capping machine+foil sealing machine.

Picture 22

B. Bottle unscrambler+auger filler+automatic capping machine+foil sealing machine+labeling machine

Picture 55

Factory Shows

Picture 56


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