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Automatic screw capping machine

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This is an intelligent advanced automatic capping machine made by Shanghai Tops-group, a manufacturer who has been in packing machine for over ten years.

Not only it can handle normal screw capping, but also it has intelligent and advanced design as following:

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It is suitable for various materials, shapes and dimension jars and caps.

Materials: PET/PE/PP, plastic, metal, glass etc.

Shapes: Cylinder, square, irregular etc.

Various caps: normal screw cap, cap with lock, pump, spray etc.


Capping machine for bottles is very suitable for client who has more than one type bottles. It can make the automatic capping machine handle all of them, with some simple adjustment without changing any spare part.

Step one: One button to raise or down capping head to fit different height bottles.

Step two: Turn hand wheel to fit different dimension bottles.

Step three: Turn screws to adjust tightness of cap.